Who We Are

Welcome to the home of the Advanced Opti Sailing Team of the Southeast – PRIME!

The intent of our team is to provide intensive training and support to ‘up and coming’ youth Opti sailors through focus-based practices and coaching at regattas. Because this team is focused on Performance, Commitment and the Will to become better sailors, there are stringent requirements that will need to be met by each sailor and their Parent/Guardian.

The 2011 Core PRIME Team:
Leigh Ann Collier – Lake Lanier Sailing Club
Jordan Wiggins – Lake Norman Yacht Club
Travis Tucker – Lake Norman Yacht Club
Andrew Dodd
Alex Mazzeo – Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club
Cameron Gise – Hobcaw Yacht Club
Carter Cameron – Hobcaw Yacht Club
Kalyn Gise – Lake Norman Yacht Club
Kyle Mergenthaler – Lake Norman Yacht Club
Cole Draper – Lake Norman Yacht Club
Sam Cabiness – James Island Yacht Club
Drummund Koppernaes – Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club
Luke Hayes – Fishing Bay Yacht Club
Ian Jezak – Lake Lanier Sailing Club                                                                                 Chris McCaffrey – Atlanta Yacht Club                                                                                   Will Monts – South Carolina Yacht Club                                                                      Christian Cyrul – Privateer Yacht Club

P2P Members:
Peyton Goldewaite – Fishing Bay Yacht Club                                                                 Richie Gordon                                                                                                                  Ralph Levy – Fishing Bay Yacht Club                                                                              Garret Levy – Fishing Bay Yacht Club                                                                               Trent Levy – Fishing Bay Yacht Club                                                                             Nicholas Lennarz – Fishing Bay Yacht Club                                                                    Claire Lennarz – Fishing Bay Yacht Club                                                                               Jack Bitney – Minnetonka Yacht Club


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