PRIME Parent Roles

Team Prime Parent Job Descriptions

Team Prime is a cooperative effort with each family sharing in the cost and work that needs to be done.  The Parent Job Schedule will be posted approximately one week before the event.  It is your responsibility to do the job assigned or line up your own replacement.  Please let the Parent of the Day know if another parent agrees to complete your task.  Job descriptions are included below.  If you have any questions about what your job entails, please contact any board member.

The assigned Parent of the Day will be at the venue in the mornings and after the races to assist the coach and sailors should the need arise. The POTD will stay in on site for the day and be the coach’s point of contact for all parents.

Parent of the Day:

  • Monitor VHF/ cell phone for any safety issues.
  • Hold the Team Roster with all sailor information, including parent contact information.
  • Call all parents when racing is completed each day
  • Handle any minor first aid issues, and arranges for ambulance service if situation warrants it.
  • Have a copy of the Parent Job Schedule and make sure that all parents have completed their assigned duties.

Coach Boat Prep:

  • Fill gas can with 5 gallons of gas and load in boat. Launch boat, check fuel and oil, warm-up engine by 9:30 AM. Bring jumper cables and/or battery jump box
  • Load spare part kit on coach boat.
  • Collect  sailors’ dry bags and lunches and load on coach boat,
  • For practice days:  put the marks with anchor rodes on the coach boat, inflate marks if necessary, untangle and ready lines.

 Coach Lunch:

  • Prepare or buy a lunch, for the coach.  Place the lunch in bag clearly marked “Coach” in the cooler aboard coach boat by 9:30 AM.


  • Buy case of water, ice & 2-3 boxes of granola bars / fruit, etc. for the coach boat. Load them into the coach boat cooler by 9:30 AM each day.
  • Snacks should either apple or orange slices, Clif bars and granola bars

Coach Boat Clean-up:

  • At end of each day, take a large trash bag and clean-up the coach boat.
  • Remove the spare part kit.
  • Remove any lunch boxes and dry bags and place items in an area for families to collect.

Team Dinner:

  • Arrange a venue for a Team Dinner.  The venue should be kid-friendly and reasonably priced.
  • Communicate the details about the dinner to the weekend’s participants and the Coach.

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