2011 USODA Team Trials

PRIME team sailors head to San Francisco Bay!

The intent of the PRIME Opti Team is to provide intensive training and support to ‘up and coming’ youth sailors through focus based practices and coaching at regattas. Because this team is focused on performance, commitment and the will to become better sailors, there will be some requirements needed to be met by each and every sailor and their parent/guardian.


All practices begin with a Parents’ Briefing at 0930, a Sailors’ Briefing at 1000 and concludes with a Sailors’ Briefing at 1600. All boats MUST be ready to sail by 1000!


We are asking for a commitment of at least 75% of practices and team supported regattas. Please visit our schedule page for more details.


We understand that cost is a sensitive subject and will try to keep the costs to a minimum, where possible, without interfering with the quality of training.

Core team members pay a $100 annual fee and are subject to the following session fees: Practice weekends: $135. Regattas: $50 (plus possible coach cost offsets).

Sailors who are less committed may wish to participate as Pay to Play members (P2P). P2P members do not pay the annual fee, but fees are an additional $25 per event (plus cost offsets for regattas).

Joining Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact any or all of the PRIME board members, or the parent of any PRIME sailor, with the name, experience level, and your intended level of participation. Peer recommendations are always very helpful in the decision making process.


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